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Formed in 2002, the Pennsylvania Campaign for Clean Water is a coalition of over 140 environmental, conservation, sporting, and religious groups from all corners of the state that speaks in one voice in support of federal and state policies to protect and restore PA’s water resources. Learn more here.

Why Do We Exist

Water is one of PA’s premier natural resources, with 83,184 miles of streams and rivers, 161,445 acres of ponds and lakes, over 403,000 acres of wetlands, and 47 trillion gallons of groundwater. These resources are vital to the quality of life in our communities, providing drinking water for millions and supporting countless industries. Having clean water is extremely important to PA’s economy, with fishing activities alone generating $4.7 billion a year in revenue and supporting 43,000 jobs. Clean water also improves property values, with higher values directly associated with the health of streams and watersheds.
But these resources are often threatened by pollution and destruction. Dischargers pump millions of gallons of wastewater, containing toxic pollutants, nutrients and metals, into our streams and rivers. Half of our Commonwealth’s wetlands have been filled or drained. Thousands of miles of headwater streams, our most precious streams, are channelized, enclosed, relocated or filled each year.

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