Earth is the most beautiful place in the known universe and habitat of about 7 billion people and millions of other species. Despite unavoidable free services provided by earth to humans, we are not being able to pay off her kindness to us. Rather we humans are being cruel to our Earth by our selfish activities.

Save earth and save environment both related to the safety of life on the earth. It is our foremost duty, as being human-being, to strictly involve in the activities reducing pollution and global warming to save this wonderful planet.

Why to Save Earth

It is imperative to save our planet earth as the global temperature is rising every moment, the polar ice cap is melting, and the risks of tsunami increasing resulting in floods and droughts. These may lead to extinction of the humans in coming years. For the generations to come, we have to take sensible steps to save our environment and eco cycle of the earth.

How to Save Earth

For the sustainability of our planet, we should oath to fulfil our responsibilities towards Mother Nature as a global citizen so as to protect our living planet from deterioration and to handover clean & green planet to our future generations.

We should plant as many trees as possible at the earliest we can to save the environment and to increase the oxygen level. Every effort for rain water conservation is of highest importance for the generations to come.

At DLS Trust, we deliberately organizes tree plantation programs at mass where we appreciate volunteer approach to participate from the youngsters in the society. We are creating and encouraging the community for the reservoirs and artificial ponds for the rain water conservation to address the perennial problem of water scarcity.